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    Can someone point me to the post on "truncated the logging tables and rebuilt them"

    I am have same issue, suddenly running low on drive space and mistakenly thought I was just storing too many backups until I saw this thread and checked out directory and saw I had very large...
  2. We have tested DR of OSX server running Zimbra

    We use Zimbra backup obviously but also tested using SuperDuper and we were able to get DR box up and running with drive created with SuperDuper.

    OSX Booted fine, DNS came up, Zimbra services...
  3. I assumed the issue was with the web client...why would you use anything else?

    I totally agree, I try daily to show my users how they can work smarter with Zimbra than they could ever dream of with Outlook.

    Thanks to Zimbra Development Team and support community.

  4. accept, decline, reject issue - RU using Outlook 2003?

    If yes, we have found that applying latest patches to all PCs resolves this issue.

    If some users are on SP2 while others are on SP3 or some have the latest outlook only patches and others don't we...
  5. Thread: Apple iPhone

    by G00FIN42

    Ok, since I don't have an iPhone and only know what I see when helping CEO...

    How did you set the iPhone to sync Contacts & Calendar to Zimbra.:confused:

    I too will send you a shirt if you are on the level, will need confirmation from Zimbra guru though. (Something from...
  6. Thread: Apple iPhone

    by G00FIN42

    My CEO would love the OTA sync of contacts & Calendar

    Just wanted to add my vote.
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