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  1. Is it possible to force server to send to a lower priority MX record ?

    We have a client whose highest priority mx record is misconfigured, it is when it should be

    We get a 550 error when sending email to them, will the server...
  2. How do I create a single company wide calendar ?

    I have a Zimbra server running on version 6.0.14.

    Currently users have there own calendars that they share with one another but they would like to have one common calendar that could be shared...
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    After running zmprov -l gs...

    After running zmprov -l gs | grep Bind

    I could see the POP3 IP (zimbraPop3BindAddress) was still the old IP address, I changed it to the new IP and did a stop/start and it...
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    [SOLVED] Mailbox stopped

    The only thing changed on the server was the external IP address as we moved to a different internet provider. Server is live on internet and not behind a firewall. The DNS changes were made at our...
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    File Upload Fault

    We are running 5.0.5 GA with the latest Outlook connector on red hat 64

    When sending attachments from Outlook 2003 (that is only version we are using) of over 5 MB users get a bounceback

  6. Thanks that did the trick. :)

    Thanks that did the trick.

  7. [SOLVED] Problem upgrading to 5.0.0. GA on RH 5.1 64 bit

    We were running version 4.5.10 without any problems.

    When I try to upgrade I get the following error.

    Checking for prerequisites...
    sudo...FOUND sudo-1.6.8p12-10
  8. Yes, here is my hosts file, am I missing anything...

    Yes, here is my hosts file, am I missing anything ?

    # Host Database
    # localhost is used to configure the loopback interface
    # when the system is booting. Do not change this entry.
  9. Tweaked the hosts file but am still getting an...

    Tweaked the hosts file but am still getting an error, here is the log file from last clean install with the relevant errors

    Error: exception occurred: system failure: getDirectContext
  10. OK I am a lot further along now, still getting...

    OK I am a lot further along now, still getting the following error after a clean install.

    Initializing Documents...ERROR: service.FAILURE (system failure: getDirectContext) (cause:...
  11. After correcting the java error, I am still...

    After correcting the java error, I am still getting the following error, any ideas ?

    mail:/Users/admin root# cd /opt/zimbra/libexec
    mail:/opt/zimbra/libexec root# ./
    Operations logged...
  12. Error loading on Mac OS X 10.4.10 server PPC

    The software installs correctly but when I issue the command ./ as root to complete the installation I get this response in the terminal.

    Any ideas ?


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