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  1. RemoteManager Error on Zimbra Admin Console since upgrading to 5.0.5

    Hello Everyone,

    I'm looking for some help with a problem I'm having on my Zimbra Admin website installation since upgrading to 5.0.5. (note this may have been present in 5.0.4 and I just noticed...
  2. Update

    Okay I've been doing some further analysis of this behavior.

    First off, I ran Wireshark on my local machine while accessing my https url to see if any non-ssl http requests are being made by the...
  3. Removed extra zimlets - problem persists

    One extra note - I did a full server restart following zimlet removal, and I have cleared the cache on my IE browser.

    Still I get the same problem
  4. Removed extra zimlets - problem persists

    Good call on the extra zimlets. I did install the 3.1 extra zimlets. I went ahead and removed these by doing:

    zmzimletctl undeploy com_zimbra_amzn
    zmzimletctl undeploy com_zimbra_wikipedia...
  5. nonsecure items popup on ie 6.0 since 4.0 upgrade

    Hello all,

    I am having a minor issue where I get a "Security Information - nonsecure items" popup when I access the root page of my Zimbra installation over HTTPS. I get the same popup after I've...
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