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  1. Use Zimbra Commercial Certificate on Another Servers


    I have zimbra 6.0 opensource edition. in that we've installed godaddy commercial certificate. but now the same certificate we have to install on other servers like on tomcat and on IIS.
  2. Mail bounce while send groupmail using listserv( mass mailing)

    Hii all,

    i am new to zimbra. i am using zimbra 6.0 open source. i am facing issue of mail bounce while send it in group using listserv. from last few months it was working fine. while other mails...
  3. Spam Genated from Local Accounts

    Hello All,

    I am new to zimbra. and I am facing issue of SPAM. from account of zimbra lot of SPAM are generated and due to same my smtp get blacklisted.

    So, Now how can i stop SPAM from zimbra...
  4. List Email ids with Firstname and Lastname using CLI

    Hi All,

    I am new to zimbra. and I want to list all users email ids along with their firstname and Lastname using CLI.

    So, How can we take this info for all email ids in zimbra 6.0.
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    I have already set to zmtlsctl https. but it is...

    I have already set to zmtlsctl https. but it is still communicating in http mode while we enter username and password. Software are Cain and able are very easily steal account details.

    So Is...
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    Zimbra Mail Server Security Issue


    I have issue with my Zimbra Mail Server 6.0.7. In that i have configured HTTPS for client login and for whole session. but it stills communicate in http based authentication. due to that...
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