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  1. I give up adding custom schema, prefer using zimbraZimletUserProperties

    zimbraZimletUserProperties is perfect match to my needs

    adding account:
    zmprov ca 23$1234 zimbraZimletUserProperties "school:Economy" zimbraZimletUserProperties...
  2. Last logs


    2012-04-02 18:59:54,411 zmconfigd WARNING [1057-MainThread] All configs fetched in 0.22 seconds
    2012-04-02 18:59:55,288 zmconfigd WARNING [1057-MainThread]...
  3. zmconfigd is not running after adding custom schema


    I have been working on adding custom ldap schema to zimbra.

    searching a lot and find useful posts on forum.

    implement this post ==> Installing custom ldap schema - Zimbra :: Wiki
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