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  1. "Dynamic Distribution Lists" with Active Directory sync

    Hi there,

    we are currently working on implementing a Zimbra NE server with AD authentication.
    It's already possible to create new users and authenticate them with AD.

    As we need many...
  2. Thanks for your reply! We tried some of the...

    Thanks for your reply!
    We tried some of the available options and have two questions:

    Does anybody know if it's possible to access a child-account via IMAP?
    So far we haven't...
  3. Realising role-mailboxes and/or child accounts for team-mailboxes

    Hi there,

    we are currently evaluating the use of ZCS in our non-profit organisation.
    An important function is the use of mailboxes for roles/functions.

    Our first approach was to have accounts,...
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