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  1. Hi ianw1974 Thanks for the tip. I will try...

    Hi ianw1974

    Thanks for the tip.

    I will try this.

  2. Hi Ccelis, Thanks for the tip on HTTPS. In...

    Hi Ccelis,

    Thanks for the tip on HTTPS. In fact my zimbra 7 was already using HTTPS and so the Zimbra 8 HTTPS is normal for me. I would not recommend anyone to change away from HTTPS.

    Why do...
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    Spnego seems to have moved, in Zimbra 8 FOSS: ...

    Spnego seems to have moved, in Zimbra 8 FOSS:


  4. Problem after upgrade to FOSS 8: Cant open email in web client

    Hi Folks,

    A week ago I upgraded our Ubuntu 10.04 Server with Zimbra 7.2.0 FOSS to ZImbra 8 FOSS

    The upgrade procedure went fine and didnt report any issues.

    Everything seems to work well...
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    Thanks for testing that. Now I know the problem is somewhere closer to me.

    I wish I had your kind of bandwidth. Here in Africa its not so simple.

    Let me look to my various network...
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    Corrupted download ZCS 7.1.2 ubuntu


    I have tried and tried to download zcs-7.1.2_GA_3268.UBUNTU10_64.20110804130819.tgz.

    I am using the md5sum 0978d3b0f5e10c76f7bf785bcb0daf22 as provided by zimbra.

    This file will just...
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    Hi guys, thanks for the new suggestions. Will...

    Hi guys,

    thanks for the new suggestions. Will try those.

    re searching for the aderium app, I have searched from phone and PC. No joy. Maybe its because I am in Kenya......

    Thanks anyways.
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    I really must be blind

    Hi Bill,

    Thanks for the reply. I am sure this will come back to me and make me look completely stupid, but I just cant find it.

    But as per attached screenshot I visit and...
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    I cant find the app on marlet


    I am trying to find aderium app on android market.

    Its not there (or I am blind). Where can I get it?


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    How to configure

    Hi Lorenzo,

    Just trying to play with your zimlet for vtiger.

    I am trying to configure it. How is that done?

    I right click the zimlet in my zimlet area, and click preferenze.

    This window...
  11. The feature you are looking for is provided by...

    The feature you are looking for is provided by Zimbra Discovery and also by a company called live office.

    This has plugins that allows end user to manage their archive.
  12. My use for mailarchiva

    My use of mailarchiva is not as a backup or recover facility for Zimbra. I have my backup scripts for that.

    My use for mailarchiva is rather as its name implies:

    1: I give only 2GB Mail quota...
  13. Hello everyone, Thank you all for an...

    Hello everyone,

    Thank you all for an interesting read on a topic I know little about.

    I had mailarchiva working fine with milter setting, but on the info you have all provided I am now changing...
  14. Hello Doug, Thank you for replying. I...

    Hello Doug,

    Thank you for replying.

    I actually didnt bother fiddling with Zimbra to change milter port. I just changed mailarchiva to match the Zimbra requirement.

    Everything is working for...
  15. [SOLVED] Is this a valid move: Milter server to mailarchiva


    I am playing with ZIMBRA 7.0.0_GA_3077.UBUNTU10_64 UBUNTU10_64 FOSS edition and Mailarchiva.

    If I use the milter server setting on the MTA page of the Server Icon in the webadmin, and...
  16. zmbak cant stop services zcs 7 FOSS ubuntu 10.04

    SOLVED: Disk was full

    Sorry folks, the below problems happened because the /tmp directory was too small, so the disk filled up causing all these issues. A real rookie mistake. Anyway ignore this....
  17. centos 5 zcs 7: Server Status Problems - again

    Hello folks.

    I apologise for starting yet another thread on the Logger / Status topic, but I cannot seem to get on top of this. Basically in all my deployments of zimbra (done 4 now) I always have...
  18. Sticky: z-push zimbra backend: Forwarded mails are empty Nokia MfE


    I am using:

    Zimbra Release 7.0.0_GA_3077.UBUNTU10_64 UBUNTU10_64 FOSS edition.
    Z-Push 1.5.1
    Z-Push ZImbra Backend 48
    Nokia E72 with Mail for Exchange 3

    Z-Push runs on a physically...
  19. zdesktop 2 b3 xul error when open attachments


    This is my first post here, hope you folks can help me.

    I am running zimbra desktop 2.0 beta 3 on windows 7 32bit, using two different IMAP accounts on two different servers.

  20. Sync zdesktop sent and junkmail to my imap server

    Dear All,

    I have read this post and searched through the forums.

    I am using Zimbra Desktop 1.0.4 Build 1833 on Opensuse Linux 11.2.

    My IMAP Server is SME Server 7.4 ( using...
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