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    Problem upgrading after changing hostname.


    Zimbra was working just fine on FC5 until I changed the hostname (with that script floating around the forums) and upgraded to zcs-3.1.2_GA_445.FC4. This is the error I get:

  2. Which release was this going to be fixed in? I...

    Which release was this going to be fixed in? I just tried 3.1.0_GA_279, and I still get the same "Error parsing calendar."
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    Installing Zimbra on FC5

    In case this helps:

    [Using downloaded file zcs-3.0.1_GA_160.FC4.tgz]

    [root@homecomp zcs]# cat /tmp/zmsetup.log.10597
  4. D'oh!

    * Flyen smacks forehead as he realizes that he was running a nightly build of his browser


    Thanks for the help.. sorry for wasting your time
  5. An unknown application error has occurred...(service.UNKNOWN_DOCUMENT)

    Was hoping someone could help me with this error message:

    I get that message when trying to login to my calendar.

    I just tried reinstalling and don't see anything odd in /var/log/zimbra. Is...
  6. Is there a way of doing it so that the user/pass...

    Is there a way of doing it so that the user/pass doesn't get sent in cleartext? A prompt like the internet browsers do?

    My impression of https is that the data sent gets encrypted but not the URI...
  7. Remote calendar that requires basic authentication

    I'm having trouble using a remote icalendar with zimbra. The problem is that access to the calendar requires the client to authenticate itself using Apache's basic authentication.

    I get this...
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