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  1. Sorry--I should have closed this thread. I solved...

    Sorry--I should have closed this thread. I solved this problem by modifying the script that generates the iCal messages from our web forms to include "rsvp=true" on the "attendee" line. With that...
  2. [SOLVED] Resources: Auto-accept AND Notify under 6.x?


    I have a large group of people who do not have Zimbra accounts, but do need to schedule resources that are managed in Zimbra resource accounts.

    To accomplish this, we have some simple...
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    CLI script for group rosters

    While we're all anxiously awaiting this feature in ZCS 7.0, I hacked together a shell script to accomplish pretty much the same thing (populating buddy lists from a Distribution List):

  4. found solution

    I ran into this same issue. The culprit is some jiggery-pokery that AmavisD is doing, so changing /opt/zimbra/conf/ resolves it.

    The line that needed changing starts with...
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    Seconded. It seems like the BOLD 9000 should be...

    Seconded. It seems like the BOLD 9000 should be easy, given that it's already running on the Curve.
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    How is freshclam run?


    After having a large number of virus-infected emails get through to users recently, I checked on the status of ClamAV's anti-virus signatures. It turned out that they were very old. So I...
  7. Ok--totally my mistake: I did not issue the...

    Ok--totally my mistake: I did not issue the `zmmailboxdctl restart` after doing the deploy. As soon as I did that, the Backups tool was back. Interestingly, the wiki page[1] on deploying Zimlets...
  8. [SOLVED] Zimlets missing from Admin Console after restore


    After a hardware failure, we just had to do a bare metal restore from backups. (Let me say that the Zimbra support engineer who helped out with this, Santosh Rao, was incredibly...
  9. Resolved

    Actually, it does seem that upgrading our Zimbra server to 5.0.4 and upgrading the iSync connector to 5.0.2100 has resolved the issue my user was experiencing. If problems resurface, then I'll...
  10. iSync connector failing with NSInvalidArgumentException

    Since we upgraded to 5.0.2 last week, one of my users has been complaining about problems with the iSync connector. She is using 5.0.1971. When she initiates a sync from the prefPane, it appears to...
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    The workaround I have in place works, but it...

    The workaround I have in place works, but it breaks some of the convenient list-creation automation that Mailman provides. So since the setup mistake is already made, is there a good way to change...
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    Has anyone found a workaround for this...

    Has anyone found a workaround for this requirement? The hostname for my Zimbra server is the same as one of the virtual domains hosted in Zimbra. And as the note says, this does not work: any mail to...
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