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  1. Applying Reply-To Postfix modifications in 6.x

    Hi all,

    I have a distribution list that needs to have an appended Reply-To: address to encourage users who just click "reply" to reply to the list, not the submitting user. Previously, I'd found...
  2. ZCO, categories/tags, and resource calendars

    We are using the ZCO 6.0.5797.4 with ZCS 6.0.4_GA_2038 on Ubuntu 6.06 LTS. We use resource calendars to allow us to have an overall composite view of vacation time for employees by inviting the...
  3. That's good to know. The reason this is so...

    That's good to know. The reason this is so concerning is that it's easier for Apple Mail users to be spoofed. Outlook users see the unusually verbose "sent on behalf of" heading on the message, but...
  4. ZCO 6.0.1_GA_1816 allows users to "send on behalf"

    Good evening,

    We recently upgraded to ZCS 6.0.1_GA_1816 Network Edition (running on Ubuntu 6.06 LTS), and, accordingly, upgraded our Zimbra Connectors for Outlook.

    While I found posts...
  5. Change frequency of zimbramon notifications?

    Hi everyone,

    Is there a way in 5.0.6 to change the frequency at which zimbramon sends e-mails reporting low disk space on the server? It's a useful notification, but every ten minutes is a bit...
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    iSync connector and OS X 10.5.4?

    Has anyone else found problems with the iSync connector after upgrading to OS X 10.5.4? It seems that the zimbraHelper process just stops responding.

    This is ZCS 5.0.4 with version 5.0.3_GA_2100...
  7. Well...

    While the 5.0.6 upgrade went well, I still can't see mail queues or access the certs in the admin console.

    I found that someone had messed with the /etc/groups file such that zimbra couldn't su as...
  8. [SOLVED] ZCS 5.0.1 and admin console problems (SSH?)

    I have a server running Ubuntu 6.06.2 and ZCS 5.0.1 that won't let me view its certificate. When I attempt to do so through the admin console, I get this error:

    Server error encountered ...
  9. "NO_SUCH_DOMAIN" at localhost in mailbox.log?

    As I was reviewing a client's mailbox.log file, I found the following entry, and was puzzled as to what this might signify:

    2008-06-26 13:20:49,458 INFO [btpool0-321] [ip=;] SoapEngine...
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    Hi mmorse, Thanks for the good info. I have a...

    Hi mmorse,

    Thanks for the good info. I have a stupid question, though--if we want to install Hyperic, and our Zimbra installation is running in an Ubuntu virtualization on an Xserve running...
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    Zimbra and SNMP--monitoring port status?

    Is there a way to monitor ports on our ZCS box (5.01, running on Ubuntu 6.06.2 Dapper Drake) so that we can tell if it stops responding on, say, port 465 or other common ports? Maybe through a...
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    _{Refresh} tag in Outlook categories

    Hi everyone,

    Has anyone seen this, where a _{Refresh} tag follows categories in Outlook 2003 using the Zimbra Connector for Outlook that came with ZCS 5.0.1?

    We've tried reinstalling the...
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    iCal with OS X 10.5.2 sync errors

    When synching one particular user's calendar into iCal from the ZCS server, the following message pops up:

    (null) - May 27 2008 09:30 PM

    This item could not be synced because you do not
  14. ZCO Connector and Outlook 2003 task categories

    We are using ZCS Version 5.0.1_GA_1902.UBUNTU6.NETWORK and the Zimbra Connector for Outlook version 5.0.1_GA_1900_5.0.2450.1 with Outlook 2003.

    On the server, if I look under Tasks, then the task...
  15. Private calendar events between Zimbra and iCal

    This seems like it might be exposing a limitation of iCal in Leopard, or maybe the way the iSync Services Connector translates information between iCal and ZCS.

    A user, using the Zimbra Connector...
  16. Invites and .ics files auto-populate in calendar

    Is there any way to suppress the behavior of Zimbra to automatically place events from incoming e-mail that has .ics attachments in the user's calendar?

    Also, is there a way to toggle...
  17. Research

    Here are the full results of my testing. I'm guessing that this is functioning as designed. The short answer is that users may either respond to invitations through the web portal or through iCal...
  18. Specs

    BTW, this is ZCS 5.0.2, not 4.x.
  19. Leopard iCal and ZCS iSync connector, duplicate events

    If a user creates a calendar event and invites another person within the company (within Zimbra), the message goes out via e-mail inviting him/her. Even if iCal is not set to automatically accept...
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    tb switch

    Thanks for the info on the /tb addition to the login name. Out of curiosity, is there any reason NOT to permanently add the /tb to the login name when supplying the account name for the Outlook...
  21. Office 2003/2007 and Zimbra connector for Outlook

    Has anyone noticed a disparity between Outlook 2003 and 2007 and how it handles all-day events through the Outlook connector? We have two people pointed to a shared calendar, one running Office 2007...
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    Outlook 2003 as well

    We too have two individuals using the Outlook connector with Outlook 2003, and experiencing the same issue where copying items up to the Zimbra server from PSTs on the local computer timestamps the...
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    Archiving old user accounts

    Is it possible to somehow archive an old user's account so that it is still searchable and the e-mail accessible? Or is the only real way to get rid of an inactive account (but keep it intact for...
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