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  1. Thank you for you reply. The link was very...

    Thank you for you reply. The link was very useful. If you don't mind. I would like to confirm some things.

    1. Will using the zimbra backup that rsyncs the live system and then does another...
  2. Zimbra 8.0.2 FOSS - backup 80GB data/ldap/mdb/db/data.mdb

    All - I was quite excite to install zimbra 8 and so far its great aesthetically and appears easier to manage. Thank you all the developers and contributors.

    Now comes my issue, In 7.2 Zimbra, I...
  3. Thread: not 100% sure

    by source

    not 100% sure

    I am planning on migrating a small company from SBS exchange 2003 to Zimbra 7.2 community edition. But I am a little hesitant because i am not sure about the stability and and restore capabilities. ...
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