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  1. Hi Andreas, This a bug in zimbra UI when the...

    Hi Andreas,

    This a bug in zimbra UI when the acount has an externel POP/IMAP configured.

    Work around : switch to the Standard UI to accept the share.

    Work around 2 : replace external...
  2. Work around


    We found a work around for this bug :
    - In preferences, change language to English (United States)
    - In mail composing preference, change police size to 12pt
    - In preferences, switch back...
  3. Replies

    Compose mail in HTML broken in 5.0.1 NE


    I have a really strange bug with zimbra 5.0.1 GA NE installed on Redhat 5.
    When I create a new HTML mail with IE6, IE7 or Firefox on Ubuntu festy, I can't write text in the body.

    I need...
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