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  1. Solved

    Finally I solved following the chapter "Disaster Recovery Changing Servers" in this guide. Thank you very much to everybody.
  2. Another way?

    There is another way to move the accounts and their data? Can I do a clean installation on the new server and then transferring the full backup from the old server? With a full restore on the new...
  3. In /opt/zimbra/log/mailbox.log there is only the...

    In /opt/zimbra/log/mailbox.log there is only the first start log after the clean installation of yesterday. After moving data from the old server there is no more entries in mailbox.log. Zimbra...
  4. Thank you phoenix, I tried to empty the...

    Thank you phoenix, I tried to empty the$ file and restart but unsuccessfully, this is the zimbra.log file:

    Jan 4 09:49:09 xserve zimbramon[4698]: 4698:info: Starting...
  5. Thank you phoenix. I followed the Certified...

    Thank you phoenix. I followed the Certified article on moving from a 32bit to 64bit platform, at the end (6.0.10 on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS) I started zimbra:
    Starting ldap...Done.
  6. Migrate from Zimbra 6.0.10 on MacOSX to Zimbra 7.1.3 on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

    Hi, we have a single server installation (with a single domain) running MacOSX Server 10.4 with Zimbra 6.0.10_GA_2692.MACOSXx86 Network Edition and we must migrate on a new server Linux with Ubuntu...
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    Font list in HTML editor

    Hi everybody,

    on the email new message window (html editor) we can select one of these fonts:
    - Arial
    - Bookman Old Style
    - Courier New
    - Garamond
    - Lucida Console
    - Symbol
    - Tahoma
  8. Documents in Zimbra doesn't work

    I think this is related to the alert error window in Zimbra administration. This is the error if the user try to clic to Document tab in web client:

    HTTP ERROR: 500

    system failure: wiki...
  9. Report after changing hostname and renaming domain, with two minor problems

    Hi everybody,

    the company changed its name from abc to xyz. And we reflected the change in hostname of the server with Zimbra running and in the company domain in use into (Zimbra was setup with...
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    Autocomplete from GAL is a great feature because...

    Autocomplete from GAL is a great feature because the autocomplete is made from *real* addresses. Adding @mydomain.ext every time we type a simple username (without @....) is a big problem for us....
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    This is not the solution

    We unchecked 'Autocomplete from GAL' in every panel (Admin UI COS, User Options...) but the result was that stopped the autocomplete ONLY from GAL, typing everything (like blabla) and pressing return...
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    Can we turn off the autocomplete?

    Hi, when we're sending a messagge, if we type into the "To:" field an incorrect name, for example like "robest" (instead robert), and the incorrect name there is not in GAL or address book... Zimbra...
  13. We don't see all the Domino accounts

    It was a DN syntax problem, now solved, thanks for your suggestions. But we have another problem now: when we must define which users should be migrated to Zimbra, clicking the Object Picker and...
  14. Trying LDAP browser

    Hi Tony:

    - full name tryed
    - I'm downloading now the ldap browser for the test
    - the ldap task seems running on port 390

    After downloading the LDAP browser I'll try again to log in and then...
  15. Domino Migration LDAP log in problems

    Hi friends, I have a problem during the running of ZCS Migration Wizard for Domino. The Import Destination dialog is ok, the next Destination Domain dialog is ok, but the next one LDAP server...
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