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    Fixes - there were some bugs

    Here is a script with some parsing fixes. Also included is a bash script that counts blocked spams and those delivered to junk folders.
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    For anyone using Graphite

    For anyone else that has Graphite set up in their environment, attached is a script that takes the daily mail report, parses it, and pumps daily and hourly metrics into Graphite.

    We run the...
  3. Still doesn't start up most of the time

    Well, installed 2.01 (Ubuntu 10.04) and it still gives me the spinning progress on startup 90% of the time. Kill it, restart. Kill it, restart. Finally it starts.

    I'm not the only one...
  4. Upgrade pops up for ZD 2.01 but it's not available

    Well, colored me puzzled.

    ZD 2.00 popped up a dialog asking me to upgrade to 2.01. I clicked "Ok" since I have had some issue with 2.00 (such as it spinning forever on startup and having to kill...
  5. Worked like a charm

    I did have to also run the command on the original machine as well to ensure that it knew that it was the logger.

    You're the best!

  6. Screwed up and installed logger on 2 servers

    I have a multi-server installation running perfectly with one issue; I mistakenly installed logger on the second server as well.

    Can I uninstall it? If not, can someone go through what options in...
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