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    Zimbra desktop - support for digital cert?

    I want to use a digital cert to sign and/or encrypt messages, is that supported with zimbra desktop connecting over IMAP to Exchange?
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    I am a linux user looking to get full...

    I am a linux user looking to get full connectivity to exchange as well, I am using zimbra desktop, is this possible? I setup an IMAP profile and can't see where to get the GAL, although my calendar...
  3. Exchange 2003 - Zimbra Desktop - Is GAL able to be used?

    I have read a bunch of GAL posts and I am confused. Is using the GAL supported with running Zimbra desktop on linux using IMAP? I can't see any options to turn on ldap authentication or...
  4. New user - looking for info & a few how to's & Iphone?? Looks great though!

    I was wondering (Note - I read some posts and some items were covered but related to older versions).

    1. How does zimbra desktop compare to thunderbird or outlook I guess...I don't see going...
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