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    Unfortunately no, we ended up not going with...

    Unfortunately no, we ended up not going with Zimbra and are sticking with our current Calendar and Mail server applications.

    Good luck.

    - brian
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    Renaming tabs

    Hi all,

    We are testing Zimbra as strictly a calendar server (we are happy with our existing mail server) and noticed that it uses the "Mail" tab to send/receive meeting invitations in the form of...
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    Best approach to authentication dilemma

    Our users have obscure usernames (ex: w00005414) but they match the account names in Active Directory so setting up AD authentication from Zimbra was simple. Since the obscure name causes some issues...
  4. using auto-pick to find time people are free

    Meeting Maker has a nice auto pick feature which will go out and find the next time when all the potential invitees to a meeting are available, I do not see this in Zimbra, am I missing it or does it...
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    Organizer's name in meeting details

    We use obscure email addresses (ex: and this is a problem when you look at a meeting in your calendar pitched from someone else. Without the meeting organizer's first and...
  6. a possible work around

    This is a hack but do you see an issue with setting reoccurring meetings every weekday morning from 12:00 am to 8:00 am and setting it to show as "out of office" and doing the same for a reoccurring...
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    Zimbra as strictly a Calendar server

    Sorry in advance for length of this post :)

    We are looking to replace our existing calendar app (Meeting Maker) and are testing Zimbra. We already use CommuniGate Pro as our mail server and like...
  8. Thanks

    Thanks for the quick reply on this! :)
  9. [SOLVED] setting work hours (hours of availability)

    We are evaluating Zimbra as a calendar server to replace Meeting Maker. Meeting Maker has a nice feature where you can set your work hours (also called "hours of availability"). This is so if someone...
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