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  1. False Spam tagging of messages from the local domain

    Since upgrading to 4.5.9 we are experiencing false positive spam scores on email messages originating from outlook clients and addressed to addresses on our local (internal domain). The users have...
  2. What triggers full backups on unscheduled days?

    My backup directory contains full backup sessions on days when they are not scheduled in the zimbra crontab. These sessions are labeled full not incremental, and are not really full. A zmbackupquery...
  3. Same Problem on 4.05

    Has this problem been resolved? I'm in the middle of trying to restore an account and getting the same results. This is on Network Edition.

    Cam Johnson
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    Customize Connector

    How does one launch the ZmCustomizeMai.js script?

    I have to deplay a number of connectors, and it would be great to fill in the server name , port, and secureconnect.
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    Login Domain

    Has anyone figured out how to automatically append the default domain to the username in the login screen?


    I've attempted to search the webapp directories to...
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    We'll have to do som dns doctoring on the PIX...

    We'll have to do som dns doctoring on the PIX firewall to get this to work. Thanks for the information

    Cam Johnson
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    Receiving Mails Problems dns lookups

    I've been attemtping to get zimbra opensource beta 2 working on a Red Hat enterprise rel 4 update2 that is installed in a DMZ. The dmz interface has a non routable address and the firewall has all...
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