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  1. set ewilen_the_man_status=++ That helped. I...

    set ewilen_the_man_status=++

    That helped.

    I used zmlocalconfig to set the following:

    zmlocalconfig -e ssl_allow_untrusted_certs=1
    (that didn't actually fix it, I had to set ldap to not...
  2. I completely uninstalled (again) zimbra and...

    I completely uninstalled (again) zimbra and re-installed then did the entire SSL process from the CLI. Everything goes nice/happy until I try to restart the server then LDAP is hosed.

    It's pretty...
  3. CSR via CLI

    This is what I got when I tried that:

    root@wmail:~# /opt/zimbra/bin/zmcertmgr createcsr comm -new -keysize 2048 "/C=cn/ST=st/L=city/O=Org/"
    ** Generating a server csr for...
  4. Uh... Tap Tap Tap... is this thing turned on?

    Has the entire community of Zimbra genii been stumped by this one? If so, is there a prize? (I hope so because otherwise this kind of stinks)

    Have I somehow breached ettiquette rules that I'm not...
  5. installing SSL Cert seems to hose ldap

    Ok. So I uninstalled zimbra and have now re-installed. Here is what I did:
    (names changed to protect the innocent)

    1. Install Ubuntu 8.04LTS. Updated/Upgraded.

    Hostname =
  6. Unable to determine enabled services from ldap after ssl certificate install

    New install of Zimbra 6.0 on Ubuntu 8.04lts

    Was working fine before adding a commercial ssl certificate.

    First problem: How do I remove the certificate?

    Second problem: Can I use an ssl cert...
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    Oh My God.... There just aren't words to describe...

    Oh My God.... There just aren't words to describe the shade of red..... Yes, of course 16 is greater than 2... I have no idea what I was thinking.... Long day....It's possible that is the first sign...
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    Zimbra versions

    Ok, I hate to be a complete gomer but the release notes for 6.0 say that users running 5.0.2 can upgrade direct to 6.0 but prior users must first upgrade to 5.0.2.

    I am running 5.0.16_GA_2921 and...
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