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  1. I found that the problem was due to the maximum...

    I found that the problem was due to the maximum size limit of outlook archives (and also zdb!) and for outlook 2010 this limit is 50GB.
    To overcome this limitation I added two registry keys:...
  2. ZDB size limit... how configure zimbra/outlook for large account ?

    Hello everyone, unfortunately I realized only recently that the ZDB file in Outlook have a size limit. This is very disappointing becouse It make difficult/impossible to manage large size account....
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    Zimbra Outlook connector problem

    Zimbra Outlook connector crashes unexpectedly.
    Version used: zimbra 8.4
    Outlook version: Outlook 2000
    Windows version: Windows 7 64bit

    The connector will lock unexpectedly without giving any...
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    outlook 2010 client stuck

    I'm using zimbra 8.04 with outlook connector. The pc clients are using outlook 2010 with windows 7 64 bit.
    It happens sometimes that outlook hangs without giving any error but I can neither receive...
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    email corrupted ZCO 8.0.3

    Some emails have been corrupted after being moved from a pst folder to a "zimbra" MAPI folder using outlook 2010, ZCO 8.0.3
    The mail body has being deleted and in some cases the attachments were...
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    I have the same problem with ZCO 8.0.3

    I have the same problem with ZCO 8.0.3
  7. shared address book auto-complete and order

    Zimbra desktop 7.2.2

    Hello I wanted to point out some problems with Zimbra Desktop 7.2.2 in Windows:
    - Using a shared address book the auto-complete is sometimes slow (3-4 seconds)
    - If I use...
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    Hi I have the same problem: zimbra 8.0.2 and...

    Hi I have the same problem: zimbra 8.0.2 and outlook 2003 or 2007
    When I go to view folder content this is empty.
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