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  1. well, i *THINK* i've fixed the problem ..... it...

    well, i *THINK* i've fixed the problem ..... it was just a matter of deleting all my Tasks in the web UI. that seemed to make the Pre stop spamming the sync.log, but we'll see. jury is still out.
  2. ok, i put the zmcontrol -v in my profile. ...

    ok, i put the zmcontrol -v in my profile.

    basically its 6.05 NE

    all our other webos users are fine.

    i have 8.2GB of email so that might be my problem :)
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    HTML Email doesnt work for Mobile clients

    i've seen this problem on both WebOS and Windows Mobile.

    it works fine over IMAP but doesn't work worth a lick over EAS.
    i'd imagine it's something in the server, and how its passing the OWA XML...
  4. WebOS 1.4 (Palm Pre/Sprint) in infinite loop with Zimbra sync

    I've posted some details here.

    strange recurring problem with high loads - PreCentral Forums

    Can anyone (particularly from Zimbra) help me out here?

    I'm definitely pondering switching our...
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    don't all reply at once guys....
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    how did you end up fixing this problem?

    we're having the same problem here.

    1] send meeting request from phone
    2] open in web UI
    3] observe the following:
    a. attachment is indicated in message list (paper clip)
    b. no...
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