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  1. No-one any input regarding this!

    No-one any input regarding this!
  2. Multiple Domains With Different IP Addresses

    I am setting up my first Zimbra it's for a multi-tenant scenario here with maybe up to 20 different domains with 10 - 50 users each.

    I am being told to set up in a way where each domain is using...
  3. Locally worked !!

    When I brought the pst file onto the local network it worked so I guess i'll just have to do that for each user.
  4. Can any one help me out here

    Can any one help me out here - I cannot get either the newer or the legacy import tool to import a pst.
  5. 8.0.3 NE Migration Wizard Missing Destination Domain Drop Down

    Hi, just trying to import a PST (or account) from Oultlook 2003 using the wizard but I am never given the opportunity to select the Domain to import to so it's failing - Any ideas?
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