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  1. Not good

    We've had a rise in users somehow emptying their Inboxes since our upgrade to 6.0. At first I thought it was just an oddity, but I'm wondering if there is indeed something in the 6.x series that...
  2. Thread: LDAP Replica

    by singerkd

    LDAP Replica

    We have two LDAP servers setup, a master and a replica. From what I understand we should be able to take down the replica for maintenance and the servers should start talking to the master as a...
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    Leopard CalDAV only? I hope not!

    Looking through the bugs and found this one:
    Bug 27380 - Leopard - CalDav only

    Call me crazy, but I (and other colleagues) have had plenty of troubles with Leopard's iCal CalDAV support and...
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    We had this same IMAP problem with internally...

    We had this same IMAP problem with internally shared folders and calendars. They fixed the problem in 5.0.2. If you haven't already, I'd recommend upgrading.
  5. Using "External IMAP Account" feature to migrate users

    We've been having a very hard time getting imapsync to work reliably -- it'll just quit at random spots without any error message. We're not sure if it's our old server or Zimbra.

    I did an...
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