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  1. [SOLVED] What branch do I need to checkout for 6.0 RC1?

    I see three different branches 6.1, GNR-D1, D2 and D4. Which one of these is the Release Candidate 1 branch?

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    Large Installation on EC2.

    I am gonna be doing a large installation on EC2. It will have multiple servers for LDAP, MTA and Zimbra as described in the wiki. Will I have any issues if I run LDAP and MTA on small EC2 instances...
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    Sanitizing HTML input

    Does Zimbra sanitize the HTML input coming from users say like using HTML::Scrubber which prevents XSS to some extent?
  4. Thanks Bill, I have gone through the code and it...

    Thanks Bill, I have gone through the code and it doesn't seem like a simple fix especially with IMAP. Any thoughts on how you are planning to implement this feature? I could give it a shot and submit...
  5. Spam filtering with External POP/IMAP

    Has there been any progress in with respect to Spam filtering with External POP/IMAP accounts? The bug tracker has this Bug 14047 – AntiSpam doesn't work with external POP3 Account filed but...
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    Continuous Integration

    I am trying to setup a Continuous Integration for Zimbra. Do Zimbra developers internally use continuous integration? I am thinking Cactus would be a good fit.

    If any developers have tried this...
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    Have tried building? Start with the wiki Franklin...

    Have tried building? Start with the wiki Franklin README - Zimbra :: Wiki.
  8. I understand. Thought it would be nice to let...

    I understand. Thought it would be nice to let you'll know that the build is broken. I reverted the changes locally so I can continue working on my stuff so it isn't something that I want badly.
  9. FRANKLIN Branch Broken in public view

    The FRANKLIN branch is broken due to change commited on the 12/23/2008. and was changed. Could somebody revert or fix the changes please?
  10. Sleepycat build issue with FRANKLIN branch.

    I've been having what seems to be a build error but ThirdParty build script shows success for Sleepycat. The script immediately after tries attempts to build the same files with different flags and...
  11. I did. I understand the problem better now and...

    I did. I understand the problem better now and why my change will not work. The rules manager will not pass the message through Spam filters (SpamAssasin) with the change i made. Now since this...
  12. Applying spam filters for external POP3 Email.

    Spam filtering doesn't work with 5.0.12 for emails that are downloaded from an external server for POP3 or IMAP. I searched the forums and bugzilla for this and found a few posts. I believe...
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    Now I get a WSAECONNRESET error

    Can't seem to connect at all now. I am getting a WSAECONNRESET error. I don't see the point in making it so difficult to get the source code.
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    Getting Source Code

    I've tried unsuccessfully to get the source code for the past one week. The connection with the p4 server drops. When I tried the same with the windows box it works fine. Seems like a p4 client issue...
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