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  1. [SOLVED] 7.0.01 OSE - fatal: unsupported dictionary type: chash

    After upgrading my test box from 7.0.0 OSE to 7.0.1 OSE I'm getting the following issues.

    1> If I just restart with all conf files in place:
    fatal: unsupported dictionary type: chash

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    SMTP hangs on "MAIL FROM"


    Our usually well-behaved Zimbra installation has popped up with a problem twice in the last week.

    Users complain about SMTP errors when sending from Thuderbird, and when I check I find that...
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    zmmailbox pru timeout?

    I'm trying up upload a decent sized (10meg) ics file into a user's calendar. I'm constantly getting Read Timed Out errors.

    Here is my CL:
    zmmailbox -z -m pru /PrevCalendar?fmt=ics ...
  4. [SOLVED] Social Zimlet only works in dev mode?

    We upgraded to 6.0.6 over the weekend from the 5.0 series and I wanted to play with the Social zimlet.

    I had to use the excellent advise I found in the forums on adding proxy domains to my COS,...
  5. I'm just using stock java from Apple. As for...

    I'm just using stock java from Apple.

    As for the output, when JRE is set to 1.6 I get:
    scottcall-2:~ scottcall$ java -d32 -version
    Cannot run Java in 32 bit mode. Continuing in 64 bit mode....
  6. Java 5 vs 6 seems to be it.

    Here it is. I included the zdesktop.out as well.

    I just figured something out.

    I have an IP KVM application I have to use everyday that requires Java SE 6, so I made that my default JVM.

  7. service.FAILURE: system failure: getting database connection

    I have 2.0 b1 on OSX 10.5 system running against 5.0.15. (6.0 upgrade planned soon).

    My fellow server admin was able to run it just fine, but when I try I get the following error:
  8. ZD Not seeing all invites or syncing appointments

    I am using ZD 1.0.3 (Build 1696) on OSX. Backend is ZCS Network Edition 5 (I think 5.0.16 or 5.0.18)

    I have two big issues.

    The first is that appointment invitations from Thunderbird+Lightning...
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