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    Proper way to implement postfix changes?

    Being new to zimbra and postfix in general I've found myself having
    to make changes to postfix settings for various and sundry items.
    Adding in support for mailman, ensuring masquerading when...
  2. resolved: split domain + domain alias

    I'm going to chalk this up to my lack of postfix experience and trying to use
    iPlanet terminology/functions with Zimbra. Here's what I concluded.

    1) Follow the split-domain setup with zimbta...
  3. split domain doc? Yes, it helps but we're one step away..

    I used the split-domain doc to set things up as I have them (well, plus the multi-server install doc first.) The SD doc explains the logic quite well and addresses the functions to make things work...
  4. Migration issue with split domain & multi-servers

    We're migrating from an iPlanet (SunOne) ver. 5.2 emai/calendar system to
    Zimbra (latest network version.) We'll be running a split domain with iPlanet as the primary server and zimbra...
  5. accepting/rewriting user@host.domainname to user@domainname

    We have a multi-server installation (zmta, zldap and zmail) for the mta, ldap and store respectively.
    We would like to accept mail for user@hostname.domainname for these other boxes. The mail...
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