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    Thanks! Sorry to have to ask, but how do I...


    Sorry to have to ask, but how do I update my forum profile with the output zmcontrol -v? Where do I type this? Thanks!
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    Content Filter Quarantined Email

    Hi! This is the first time I have dealt with this in Zimbra. Here is the situation I need help with.

    I have a user that is expecting an email from someone, but every time the person tries to...
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    Synch Error With Outlook Connector

    I have a bunch of users that I am downloading the Outlook Connector for Zimbra and so far I have not had any problems, but one user during synchronizing gets the below Local Failure Notice:

  4. Question about Zimbra Desktop Password

    I know that when using Zimbra Desktop you don't have to put in a password to log in. You just have to put it at first on the set up account page when first using Zimbra Desktop. The problem is that...
  5. Zimbra Desktop No Longer in System Tray

    I have had zimbra desktop downloaded for a while now, and for the longest time once i pulled up zimbra desktop it would also show in the system tray on my toolbar. When I got new mail a little...
  6. Attachment will not open automatically

    A user is having problems automatically opening word and excel attachments in zimbra callibration suite through the web browser. The webbrowser is IE 8 and he has been able to open it fine but about...
  7. Users cant see pictures in email at work

    Ok we have zimbra calibration suite at work. the users log in through internet explorer. I have noticed that pictures will not show when users receive messages inside the message instead they are...
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    Email Events will not Pop Up

    Hi! I have some users that have set reminders or events on their calendars in zimbra calibration through the web browser, but the events or reminders will not pop up to remind them of a certain event...
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    Zimbra Desktop Question!!!

    Hi. I have been using Zimbra Desktop, and noticed that it doesn't have messenger on it like the Zimbra Callabration Version and that Auto spell check option is not on the desktop version either. I...
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    How to back up email

    I work for a company in the IT department as an Administrator, and need to back up a users email that no longer works here. In Zimbra how do I do that? Do I use the export/import method?
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    Cant tab in email message

    Why can't you tab when typing an email in Zimbra? Just wondering.
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    Need help with error

    Hi! I have a user that just started getting this error message as soon as she signs into her Zimbra account "A Parsing Error Has Occurred" and I click "show details" this is what it says

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    Video files wont play using zimbra

    I noticed when trying to open a video file up to play from zimbra, that i get a error message everytime about the proxy settings not being right, but when i use my yahoo account and open the video...
  14. Issue with emails grouping together for no reason?

    I have a couple of users at my workplace that have showed me where they receive emails at times that are grouped together. What I mean is that instead of two different emails coming seperately like...
  15. What is up with the pictures in emails?

    when I get an email that has pictures in the text, it doesnt show it like that. It shows the pictures as attachments. on my yahoo mail it shows the pictures in the actual email fine but through...
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    can you change font in zimbra

    can you change font in zimbra?
  17. is there an out of office assistant on zimbra

    i am just curious because you know outlook has out of office assistant to let others know when you out. does zimbra have that.
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    can you arrange messages by groups

    in outlook there is an option where you can arrange all the emails by groups and when a person sends their email to me it is automatically grouped with their other emails, so i can keep the emails...
  19. is there reoccuring tasks on zimbra

    A user asked me at work today if zimbra has reoccuring tasks, i looked at the tasks but didnt see a way to make it reoccuring like in outlook. Does anyone know a way to make reoccuring tasks?
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