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  1. I have the same issue. I would like to export the...

    I have the same issue. I would like to export the GAL to a csv file. I do not have a galsync account that I can access. We do have a GAL list as all users are listed there.

    Is there command line...
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    zmmailbox search truncated subject

    When I run this command:

    zmmailbox -z -m s -t message "Subject: T1*"

    I get this:

    25. 111650 mess GW1-LD-Local T1 controller 0/0/0 --LD PRI-- on GW1...
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    I checked the attachment a 15MB pdf with uudeview...

    I checked the attachment a 15MB pdf with uudeview its 21B encoded in base64.

    I tried to up the limit to 35, it didn't work.
    I tried to set it 0 (thinking that would be unlimited) it didn't work. ...
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    Per user recieve message size limits

    I setup global MTA size limits and that works great.

    I'm trying to setup per user message size limits. So that can send messages larger then the global setting. User names have...
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    Attachment Blocking Stats

    I noticed that the daily mail report doesn't report on attachment blocking statistics. Here's a script to get statistics for attachment block by the MTA. It could easily be extended to email in CSV...
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    Attachment Extension Blocking by COS

    1) Is it possible to block attachment extensions by COS?

    2) Or is it possible to set attachment viewing per extension.
    i.e. Allow view only of .bat files
  7. [SOLVED] CLI listing of blocked attachment extensions

    How can I get list of blocked attachments extensions from the CLI?
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    Attachment Extenstion Blocking Error

    When sending an attachment from outlook or the Zimbra web client you get an unhelpful error message. It does not indicate to the end user the attachment is blocked.

    See attached screenshots....
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    Export Mailbox Size to CSV

    I wrote a bash script to get mailbox size of all mailboxes and export it to csv. Hopefully someone finds this useful.

    I would post it to the wiki put when I created by wiki account I didn't see a...
  10. [SOLVED] Howto Retrive Blocked Attachments

    We are blocking zip attachments. Are these blocked attachments in anyway quarantined and viewable?
  11. [SOLVED] Outlook Connector SBE2003 Crashes

    Outlook crashes and has to restart with no explanation.

    Trying to move email from home folder to shared folder. Also trying to delete items or emails from a shared folder. Same issue with a...
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