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  1. Sending to internal distribution lists from external addresses

    I am looking for a way to send to internal distribution lists from external addresses. I've found: RestrictPostfixRecipients - Zimbra :: Wiki

    This, however, is not what we need. Currently we...
  2. Need ability to view/modify shared Calendars on iPhone

    Hi- I have a user who needs to be able to view and modify shared calendars from her iPhone. Is it possible to do this? Currently, I have her setup with Exchange on the iPhones which allows her to...
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    Any updates on this?

    I need to be able to do this, anyone have any luck with a solution?
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    User can receive but not send

    I recently changed the IP address of my zimbra server. Overall the transition went very smoothly, however, I now have one single user who can receive mail but not send it. This happens to the user...
  5. Messages with large attachments blocked in Outlook

    Hi- I am having an issue where a user can receive mail with large attachments in the web client, but when they get their mail through Outlook it blocks the messages with any large attachments. The...
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