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  1. awesome thanks for confirming!

    awesome thanks for confirming!
  2. bueller...?

  3. zimbra 7.1.1+patch RHEL6 in mailbox.log


    I am not sure if this is a critical issue, but I am seeing this error in /opt/zimbra/log/mailbox.log. I can't seem to associate this with a particular event, and I am currently the only user...
  4. RHEL 6.1 kernel version is

    RHEL 6.1 kernel version is
  5. sporadic error message in mailbox.log [btpool0-7] [] log - handle failed


    I am running a fresh install of 7.1.1 on my RHEL6 server, with only one user (myself) using the web gui client, as well as my android device. I am not sure if there is an issue, but I see a...
  6. this is on RHEL6 which may have an issue as its...

    this is on RHEL6 which may have an issue as its still beta, but so far things are running fine.
  7. zmconfigd crashes if zmtlsctl mode is set to https during install

    I just made a fresh install on a new server of 7.1.1 and have found that zmconfigd kept crashing. when i did the install i selected the default web mode to be 'https' (only config setting i changed...
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