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    You can try to experiment with setting...

    You can try to experiment with setting -Dmail.smtps.ssl.protocols=SSLv3 and/or -Dmail.imaps.ssl.protocols=SSLv3 in startup script. I have not tested it with ZD but it is a general solution for Java...
  2. Sharing calendars / documents with groups (distribution lists)

    Hi folks.

    I have a question about sharing calendars, documents, etc with groups (distribution lists). This topic has already been discussed few times but I failed to find in those threads the...
  3. Upload files from local disk to briefcase from Zimlet

    I am trying to write a Zimlet that should work with briefcase - I need to upload files and rename them according to certain naming convention. It should be very simple, but I really can't get it.
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