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    Birthday reminder is running again with ZCS 8.04

    I added some features to this great zimlet.

    o make it run with ZCS 8.04

    o working with several date formats ( testet for US and German )

    o working with shared calendars

    o add the age of...
  2. I am working for zimlet "birthday reminder"...

    I am working for zimlet "birthday reminder" running under ZCS 8.04 and i believe that shared folders were delivered in the past. But i am not able to doublecheck it for older versions anymore....
  3. GetFolderRequest doesn't deliver shared folders anymore in ZCS 8.04

    In ZCS 8.04 the FolderRequest command doesn't deliver shared folders anymore.

    var soapDoc = AjxSoapDoc.create("GetFolderRequest", "urn:zimbraMail");
    var folderNode = soapDoc.set("folder");
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