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    Portal: path for images and links?


    we want to create a small menu in our portal which should load very quickly with Zimbra 8.0.4.

    As this is static HTML code, the idea was to put it directly in...
  2. Using Zimbra 8.0.4 as a portal; /service/proxy?target... does not rewrite URLs?


    we are trying to configure Zimbra 8.0.4 so that we have different classes of "Home Tabs" with a small menu containing a selection of internal services. This works well in principle with our...
  3. Solved: Security problem with portal


    sorry about the noise: the thread I opened a few minutes ago is now obsolete, I am happy to say (my post still awaits moderator approval and I suggest you just drop it). It certainly looked...
  4. [Solved] Severe security risk for internal web services when configuring portal?


    we want to migrate our institute's mail and calendar services to Zimbra and have set up a 8.0.4 ZCS server. We would also like to provide a portal for our users to access some web services...
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