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  1. Zimbra Network Edition autostartup problems on SLES 9


    I have Zimbra Network Edition installed on SLES 9. Everuthing works fine except 1 thing - Zimbra does not stat automatically after OS reboot, so I have to logind with zimbra user and type...
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    Can't receive emails on Zimbra NetworkEdition


    I've got a problem. I can' not receive email from foreign domains (i.e., yahoo etc.) on my Zimbra Network edition. I've checked error logs and only error I found was...
  3. I will also test opensource edition and post all...

    I will also test opensource edition and post all results :)
  4. Migrating from ZCS Network Edition 4.0.3 to 4.0.5 installed on another server

    So, I had a problem with migration from one server to another.
    This is how I solved this problem:

    1. backup /opt/zimbra/backup & /opt/zimbra/storage

    2. install zimbra 4.0.5 and configure it...
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