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    Zimbra-Proxy Help!

    I have been trying to get zimbra-proxy to proxy my imap and http connections for a multi-server setup for a couple of weeks now. I was getting inconsistent results (working when accessing some...
  2. No solution yet

    As far as i can tell the problem lies with the use of a GALSync account.
    if the domain is setup without GALSync i am able to search the GAL.
    But if the domain GAL is maintained by a GALSync...
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    Limiting login domains by virtualhosts?

    I am setting up multiple domains on a single Zimbra setup.
    lets call it:

    I've setup VirtualHost for both domains
    so that...
  4. The problem seems to be when using galsync

    i can't believe there isn't more people with this issue.

    I have seen the same issue with 32bit and 64bit version of 6.0.8 and 6.0.7 on ubuntu 8.04.

    The problem occurs with domain which has a...
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    Access from WAN for specific accounts.

    Currently I have a Zimbra setup which only gives access to the web interface from inside the corporate LAN.

    But i have been asked to allow access from the WAN, but only for specific users.

  6. GAL search in standard and mobile clients not working on 6.0.8

    I have 6.0.8 OS version running on ubuntu 8.04 server.

    I have noticed that GAL search does not seem to be working
    under the standard(html) and mobile clients interfaces.

    the autocomplete in...
  7. "zmprov help account" is your friend

    ok the solution was very simple.
    instead of using zmgsautil use zmprov

    zmprov deleteDataSource(dds) {name@domain|id} {ds-name|ds-id}

    i don't know if this is necessary,
    but afterwards login...
  8. [SOLVED] Deleting a DataSource from a galsync account

    i have created a galsync account with multiple datasources.
    2 of the datasources are zimbra servers for separate subdomains
    the last datasource is an old LOTUS NOTES LDAP server
    which was for...
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    how do you update the ldap?

    I am trying to figure out how to move a user mailbox from one mailbox server to the next in a opensource edition multi-server setup.

    This post is the closest think i have come to coming across a...
  10. not a bug with 6.0.7

    The problem was the hostname for the server was not a FQDN.
    I realized after my original post, that amavisd was shutting down
    because my hostname was not a FQDN. i just had "zimbra1" as the...
  11. [SOLVED] Problem antispam/antivirus with 6.0.7 installation on Ubuntu 8.04 64bit

    I have tried this 3 times and i got the same problem 3 times

    i do a fresh install of ubuntu 8.04.
    i install the dependencies.
    i install the latest 6.0.7 for 64bit for ubuntu.

    everything seems...
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    UPDATE: Referral seems to break zimbra

    OK, so i managed to add the referral object using ldapadd on the command line...
    and as soon as i managed that, i could no longer login as a user, and the Admin Console got stuck whille loading... ...
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    need help with referral chaining

    i am hoping some one can help me to figure out how to get referrals with chain overlays to work under the zimbra ldap.

    Lets say i have two separate servers and...
  14. You can setup Multiple External LDAP Sources

    have a look at the wiki page on GAL_Sync_Account
    I found it very helpful when i needed to add multiple external LDAP sources to my GAL.
    You can only add one external source using the Admin Console,...
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    redirect to admin console from http?

    I always forget to add the "s" in the "https://" when accessing the
    Administration Console
    is there away to get
    "http://server:7071/" to redirect to "https://server:7071/"
    I was able to get...
  16. Thank you Phoenix

    Thank you for the quick reply
    That fixes a major issue for me.
  17. [SOLVED] external IMAP or POP account access on ZCS

    Is there a function/zimlet which allows you to access external imap/pop
    accounts from within ZCS?

    Something like the way the Zimbra Desktop allows you to access
    multiple accounts.
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