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    Effective Solution for Recovering Large TGZ files

    Here is the solution I came up with recovering large archived TGZ files:

    1. Create an account to recover the TGZ file to in ZCS.

    2. Extract the TGZ file to a directory
    - tar xvfz...
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    How to reload zimbra cron

    I want to add a job to zimbra's cron.

    1) I added a file in in location /opt/zimbra/zimbramon/crontabs which has the cron commands I want the zimbra user to run.

    2) However, I don't see...
  3. I opened up port 587 for submission and still get...

    I opened up port 587 for submission and still get the Invalid Certificate error with or without the "Verify Certificate" setting.

  4. Personally, I think there is a configuration...

    Personally, I think there is a configuration issue with my server not necessarily with the release. I suspect that with the upgrade to 7.1.4 it uncovered an issue with my configuration. I just...
  5. We have tried Touchdown. My phone with Touchdown...

    We have tried Touchdown. My phone with Touchdown works. However, my other two test phones do not. They can't seem to negotiate the initial connection. Touchdown tech support has tried to help but...
  6. Company Droids Fail to Maintain CorporateSync Connection

    Who else in this forum has is having Droid problems after upgrading to ZCS 7.1.4?!

    I have 100% of my company droids (~20) are failing to maintain a corporate sync connection to our mail server. ...
  7. Shared Calendar Reminders Pop up in iPad Calendar

    I have a user who has another co-worker's calendar shared to his zimbra account. The reminders from the shared calendar pop up on his iPad (which drives him crazy), but the same reminders do not...
  8. This method works great for getting the tgz file:...

    This method works great for getting the tgz file:

    wget --no-check-certificate --http-user='<>' --http-password='<acct password>' -O/tmp/archive.tgz https://<your...
  9. I updated to 7.1.4 and it solved the full message...

    I updated to 7.1.4 and it solved the full message download issue.

    However, it introduced a larger problem. Now 100% of our Droid phones won't maintain connnectivity (using Corporate Sync) to...
  10. We upgraded to 7.1.4 on Sunday and the "Get full...

    We upgraded to 7.1.4 on Sunday and the "Get full message" errors are gone.

    However, a larger issue has come up and I have just submitted a support case on it. 100% of my Droid users are...
  11. Get email through even though client's hosting mailserver is blacklisted

    More and more companies are getting caught up in our blacklist filter because one or more of the blacklists(spamcop, etc.) have caught a hosting services' particular email server and placed it on...
  12. The last two times I have had this issue, the...

    The last two times I have had this issue, the problem went away in the next patchset. However, since this is round three of this same problem with me, I am hoping that we can identify this issue. ...
  13. I saw your earlier comment, but now its gone. ...

    I saw your earlier comment, but now its gone.

    I am still trying to get to the bottom of why we can't get full messages. It is very frustrating for my users.

  14. Updated to 7.1.3 Patch 1 - Droid Email Full Download Issue

    It may be a coincidence, however the day after we upgraded to 7.1.3 Patch 1, we can no longer get full messages on our Droid phones.

    On the phones, when you click "Get full message", the error is...
  15. Export using zmmailbox fails for med-large mail accounts

    I am trying to export old mail using the zmmailbox command.

    zmmailbox -z -m user@mydomain.comgetRestURL "//?fmt=tgz" > user.tar

    ERROR: zclient.IO_ERROR (Unable to get ?fmt=tgz)...
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    Obvious SPAM That Gets Through - WHY?

    Here is an obvious SPAM message that never seems to go through the SPAM tagging software. I see no X-SPAM scoring in the headers. Can anyone explain why some messages get scored and others do not?...
  17. Thanks Guys!

    Thanks Guys!
  18. When will 7.1.1 be released?

    When will 7.1.1 be released?
  19. [SOLVED] Partial Failure - zmsaslauthdctl fails

    In the past three weeks, this has happened twice. Shutting down and restarting the service (zmcontrol stop;zmcontrol start) seems to fix the issue, but I would like assistance in determining the...
  20. What to Do with Untrusted Issuer Cert Authorities

    My business deals with healthcare issues. For sending and receiving mail, we use TLS connections, but fail back to plain text if TLS cannot be properly negotiated.

    I have email going to several...
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    Updated Issue

    This did get resolved but it took awhile. I had to submit two paid support cases on this before it became stable again.

    The database had to be rebuilt. There is a wiki article on how to do...
  22. Get Incoming Mail Stats on a Particular Email Account

    I have an email account that is a catchall for all incoming and outgoing email called archived. I want to use this account to find out how many emails a particular user received over a time period. ...
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    Server was restarted with the upgrade. As well...

    Server was restarted with the upgrade. As well as twice thereafter.

    Problem still occurs when passing a large .tgz file.

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    Still An Issue

    Thanks for the advice.

    Upgraded to 7.0.1 and unchecked Attachment Indexing.

    While the import ran longer, the same "Broken Pipe" error comes out.

    For immediacy I came up with a work-around. ...
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    Recovery of tgz mail file fails

    I am trying to recover a very large archived 28GB mail file created with version ZCS 5.0.23. I am now at 7.0.0.

    I have run this command before and had success, but not now.

    $ zmmailbox -z -v...
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