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  1. I don't understand. The PTR for...

    I don't understand.

    The PTR for resolves to a name other than the sending server, but why would that cause the delivery to fail?

    I do not have any AV/SPAM services running.
  2. NAT Server reporting INTERNAL IP address in RCPT From

    My server is reporting the Internal IP address in the RCPT TO command --

    Here a log entry from a bounced mail:

    NOQUEUE: reject: RCPT from[]: 450 4.1.1...
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    User zimbra@ sending mail

    I run zmdailyreport and it is showing, under "top 50 Senders by message count", the top sender as zimbra@<host>.<domain>. There is no such user on the system.

    Today it was 950 mails...
  4. Thread: Yahoo layoffs.

    by SGIA

    Don't know if this is the correct place to ask,...

    Don't know if this is the correct place to ask, but is support continuing for Suse ver 10 Enterprise server?

  5. Restore

    I'm sure someone from Zimbra can answer this better, but I think it may have something to do with restoring to a mailbox that already has mails in it. Error 409 usually means that there is some kind...
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    Shared resources with Zimbra Desktop?

    Maybe I'm missing something, but I cannot find a way to view shared calendars or folders using Zimbra Desktop. there only seems to be the option in the web version.

    Can someone shed...
  7. Good to know

    Thanks for that mmorse.

    So if I understand correctly, this functionality can be presumed stable in a future release of FOSS 5.0.10? Do you know when?

    If not very soon we'll have to find a...
  8. Individual HOT user backups - Community Version

    I've seen a lot of questions about Community version backups. Here's a routine I worked out, perhaps it can help someone or at least give some ideas.

    I had the problem of backing up (daily) a...
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    small HTML composition field trouble

    I have made the changes as prescribed here, and CHROME does come up in full AJAX glory, however a few anomalies have surfaced:

    Upon new message composition, the composition field...
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    HOT Backups in the community edition

    I had the problem of backing up (daily) a group of 50 users' mailboxes and taking the server down by doing a cold backup is not really an option. I am using the community version. I am not a Linux...
  11. [SOLVED] Individual HOT user backups - Community Version

    I have read many posts regarding backup and restore of the OSS version and wanted to share this:

    User:SGIA - Zimbra :: Wiki

    which has worked for me in doing a hot backup of single user...
  12. Backup for User Accounts

    Hi, I was able to facilitate an automated hot backup for individual users.

    I am new to Zimbra and as my page says, not a guru by any means, but if you don't have too many huge mailboxes then this...
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