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  1. Move Zimbra from OSX to 64bit Ubuntu

    Not too long ago, we had the same situation..

    We were running Zimbra 5.x on MAC OSX and needed to move to 64bit to get better performance (and to upgrade to Zimbra 7.x along the way)...

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    Apache in front of Zimbra using mod_proxy

    We have an outside firewall setup with Apache. It is reverse-proxying for Zimbra in a virtual host configuration.

    We are using port 80, so you would need to adjust this to fit your needs.

  3. OK, I upgraded the server to 7.1.3 GA release......

    OK, I upgraded the server to 7.1.3 GA release... fingers were crossed that this would 'fix' things..

    Nope! not fixed.

    Anyone else run into this?
  4. ZCS reading pane message clears- unable to read message

    ZCS 7.1.1_GA_3196
    Ubuntu 11.04 amd64
    Running on a Dell 2950 server with 16 Gig RAM, 1TB disk
    850+ users


    This is stumping me..

    I am using the Zimbra web client (AJAX) with the reading...
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