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  1. Zimbra stopped starting up, only after shutting down repeatedly starts again - maybe

    Been on the internet since 1993..used a lot of apps since then, rarely have I come across anything as buggy as this one: out of the blue, it just doesn't want to start up again. On an endless loop...
  2. you are not alone

    No, they do not care. I am in the same situation, tried different hard disks, reinstalls etc etc. Just doesn't work, even deleted the app in facebook, but still doesn't work. I find Zimbra is eating...
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    9 months later

    you are also repeating yourself, 9 months later without really looking closer into the issue at hand. There are 7 bug reports, I checked it out. But they are not considered serious. So nothing will...
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    9 months later, and nothing has been fixed, have...

    9 months later, and nothing has been fixed, have the same problem on a mac, been wasting an hour of my time on this issue..
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