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  1. disable AJAX for Zimbra Client

    But I want to force the user to use HTML each time they logged in even they change the option to AJAX next time they login in it should redirect to Html.

    pls suggest :confused:
  2. Installing ZImbra Mailbox server on External LDAP like apache

    pls let me know how to instal zimbra Mailbox role with external ldap and importimg zimbra schema in to external ldap.
  3. adavison17 Thanks A lot

    My issue is resolved.........................:D
  4. Replies

    Dear Can you please share how you configure Lotus...

    Dear Can you please share how you configure Lotus directory Lookup in zimbra...I am using zimbra version 5.0.14 OOS and Lotus 8.0.2
  5. Zimbra Internal GAL ZCS OSS 5.0.14

    Dear Friends,

    I am facing a different Issue in my I ahve four zimbra servers one LDAP, HUB and two mailbox server every thing is workign fine..I have only internal GAL, but my GAL is not working...
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