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  1. Server is not behind NAT router, and problem mailbox persist

    Hi Bill, thanks for your time, i've checked your answer but my server is not behind NAT router, in fact the server has not an internet conection is just a intranet server. Do you recommend to upgrade...
  2. zimbra log

    hi Bill, thanks for help me, this is the var/log/zimbra.log, honestly I donīt know where the problem is. Please Help me.

    Jan 13 17:04:11 santa zmmailboxdmgr[18348]: stale pid 4750 found in...
  3. Mailbox Stopped zmmailboxdctl is not running

    Hi, I'm installing zimbra(zcs-5.0.18_GA_3011.RHEL5.20090707164432) in centOS 5.3, my problem is that zmmailboxdctl is not running, I've tried starting and stopping this process but when I type...
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