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    i'm thinking if this is caused by front-end...

    i'm thinking if this is caused by front-end anti-spam equipment?

    in one of our server (7.1.3), we have the anti-spam server in from of zimbra server and it will do the account maintenance based on...
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    MAPI connector in Open Source edition?

    recently tried 7.1.3 Open source edition and found there's one option in COS for : MAPI (Microsoft Outlook) Connector??

    please correct me if i'm wrong but it seems to me this is the killer feature...
  3. safely disable anti-virus feature on a running zcs system?

    dear all,

    in the early beginning, we choose to disable ZCS's anti-spam and anti-virus features, cause we have another anti-spam/anti-virus gateway in front of mail server.

    but recently , for...
  4. how to disable auto render eml attachment in web interface?

    Dear All,

    currently, we know that Zimbra Web Interface can auto display the contents of EML attachment so that it looks like just what we see in Outlook express.

    but may i ask how to disable...
  5. assign second admin who only can manage accounts in his server?

    one of zcs 7.1.x Standard customers is running multi-server environment for three branches, the HQ administrator hopes to assign one user who can manage accounts (only) for one branch but this user...
  6. server numbers and partition size planning?

    Dear all,

    i know this may not have a right answer but if we're planning a site which has about 20000 users. will you recommend just run whole users in one single server or at least 2-server?
  7. that's right, it's only in NE edition.

    that's right, it's only in NE edition.
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    warning mobile sync log

    Dear all,

    one of our customers encounters the problem that one certain email not be sync-ed to his iPhone. not sure what happened but we only saw this warning message in /opt/zimbra/log/sync.log :...
  9. How to monitor the process of zimbra Push-Mail?

    Dear All,

    one of our users complains he found there's one email not be pushed to his iphone device. He found it because he logined to the Web Interface but no idea why?

    can anyone here teach...
  10. clarify the license issue when creating new theme

    when users install open source edition, users are allowed to add their own themes, this looks fine.

    but is it ok to use different logo in the theme they created??

  11. totally disable Standard(HTML) interface

    dear all,

    does anyone know that is it possible to only allow end-users to use Advanced(Ajax) interface and not showing any Standard(HTML) interface in login screen?

    from the admin console, i...
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    webmail audio tuner?

    dear all,

    i was asked by end user about there's strange tuner in their web interface. looks like audio tuner. anyone knows what it is? and how to disable it?

    please see attached image for...
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    asking help for performance issue

    Dear all,

    after using zimbra 5.0.13 (FOSS) for 3 years in this > 40000 accounts environment, everything looks great except the performance.
    we don't have such kind of performance-tuning...
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    recover the deleted emails in ZCO?

    Dear all,

    customer is currently evaluating 7.1.1 NE + ZCO and found this symptom :

    1. user receiveds an email in outlook 2003 + ZCO

    2. user checks webmail and mobile device which is...
  15. Standard Edition + Professional Edition together?

    Dear All,

    one of our customers is installing ZCS standard edition already, and planning to purchase another 25-User Professional Edition for outlook sync purpose.

    my question is :

    How to...
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    questions on webclient GAL picker

    Dear All,

    i have searched several relevant articles on this forum for GAL picker in webclient, and someone advice the maximum GAL searched results can be changed from:

    Global Setting > Most...
  17. timezone setting for ldap and ldap-replica server?

    dear all,

    in multi-server environment, should we config ldap and ldap-replica servers to use same timezone although they are physically located in 2 different places?

    any advice on this?
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    multi servers in different timezone

    we have a potential customer who needs to know if there's anything different or additional setting when installing multi servers in multiple countries with different timezone?

    especially, we're...
  19. by the way, where this right: SendToDistList is...

    by the way, where this right: SendToDistList is defined?
    i can't find it from Admin Console > Rights

    where can i find a full list for those rights not listed in Admin Console > Rights ??
  20. don't know why, but these commands don't work for...

    don't know why, but these commands don't work for my evaluation environment (7.1.1 NE)

    zmprov grr dl usr sendToDistList
    zmmtactl restart
    (also verify by "ckr"...
  21. restrict the access for certain distribution lists

    dear all,

    we're evaluating the zcs 7.1.1 (standard edition) and hope to control the access rights to certain distribution lists.

    e.g. only few of our local users can send emails to the...
  22. IndexDeferredItems message in mailbox.log ?

    Dear All,

    Could someone give some hints what this messages are for ?

    2011-06-23 12:15:40,844 INFO [LmtpServer-165700] [;mid=1
    942;;] mailbox -...
  23. question about zmprov command in ldap master and replica environment

    Dear all,

    we have ldap master and ldap replica server in the environment and my question is when we run "zmprov ca" command in ldap-replica server, which case will be correct?

    case 1:
  24. disable anti-spam service cause local delivery suspended

    Dear all,

    i've read several similar posts on the forum and found sometimes (not always) when anti-spam service is disabled, it will cause the MTA delivery failed.

    but i'm kinda of confused,...
  25. is it possible to remove the black/white list interface?

    Dear All,

    could someone advise if it's possible to totally disable the black/white list interface?

    i don't see any setting for this, even disable the anti-spam / anti-virus services from...
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