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  1. Yes, as a matter of fact I prefer to use...

    Yes, as a matter of fact I prefer to use Thunderbird to access my Zimbra account via IMAP and use the Zimbra Desktop Client or Zimbra Web interface for the Calendar feature and to keep myself...
  2. [SOLVED] Zimbra says Drafts folder has messages, but folder is empty

    My Drafts folder in the left pane shows there are 8 unread messages in it.

    However when I open the Drafts folder there are no messages in it.

    This symptom exists in both the web interface as...
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    I am seeing this multiple times in a week now

    Same thing as original poster. Our monitoring software shows that "zmstat-convertd" is not running.

    The /opt/zimbra/log/convertd.log.{date} logs you mentioned to look at seem a bit strange too...
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