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  1. Zimbra-supported, automated 32-bit to 64-bit migration tool

    I have reviewed the documentation regarding migrating 32-bit ZCS to 64-bit, and given that the migration is mandated (albeit slowly) by Zimbra, I was expecting a MUCH more automated process for...
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    Re-enabling Zimbra Sharing Add-in Office 2003 SP3

    (since I was trying to follow this thread to fix this problem and getting nowhere)

    In Outlook 2003:

    Help -> About Microsoft Office -> Disabled Items

    Re-enable the disabled Zimbra add-on...
  3. cleared up

    subsequent backups were clean and happy.
  4. Backups fail after workaround for bug 10827

    I was hit with this bug and after doing the prescribed fix:

    Bug 18027
    Bug 18027 - tomcat didn't stop cleanly during the upgrade:

    III. Solution
    Move /opt/zimbra/redolog/redo.log aside and...
  5. But we're talking about thunderbird (or any other imap or pop client)

    I want to be able to click on a link in the calendar event note *inside* Thunderbird or any other IMAP or POP capable mail client, and have it take me into the Zimbra Web client to act on it. I know...
  6. Links into Zimbra for Meeting Invites for mail-only client

    I use Thunderbird for reading email from the Zimbra server. When I had Thunderbird connected to MS Exchange, I would see a link into Outlook Web Access for meeting requests. I could click on the...
  7. Accepting Appointments on Samsung Blackjack (WM5)

    I have users on my system whose canonical address (sender address displayed when sending mail) is different from their zimbra login email address. When these people send meeting invites, others on...
  8. Exchange resources to Zimbra resources?

    Our company is migrating from a hosted exchange platform to Zimbra. Our development group set up a mailbox on exchange to post all their vacation times. It's used like a meeting room and accepts...
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