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    any way to recover lost email?

    OK, don't ask me how (lack of attention, I suppose), but I deleted some email from my yahoo account that I desperately want back. Unfortunately, by the time I realized it today, I found it gone from...
  2. Sorry about that. I missed the explanation when...

    Sorry about that. I missed the explanation when I first looked through the thread and had already posted when I found it at last.

    BTW, the imap solution that is posted in the thread not only...
  3. SendMessage Requestr Failed - same problem here

    It's been happening since at least Aug. 5. I may have deleted earlier failure messages on the assumption it was just a glitch.

    I updated my Zimbra desktop today to the current version. Still...
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    stopped working with New Yahoo (June 2011)

    I just realized that Zimbra hasn't updated my yahoo account for the past several days.

    Two things seem to have happened:
    1. Yahoo switched to a new mail system & there is no option to go back to...
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