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  1. Spam - URIBL_BLOCKED Always in Spam Status

    Trying to solve some spam issues, and every message that passes through my system keeps showing URIBL_BLOCKED=0.001 in the X-Spam-Status header. I've signed up for the data feeds on (on a...
  2. Looks like they have their ADSP record set to...

    Looks like they have their ADSP record set to "dkim=discardable". Would this be the cause? Is their mail system incorrectly signing/not signing at all, and they look like forgeries?
  3. Inbound Mail Rejected due to DKIM ADSP Evaluation

    We work with a major parcel delivery company that as of 10/8/2012 has been unable to email us from their customer service software. All other emails from individuals in the company come through just...
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