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  1. Thank you very much, is this also possible for...

    Thank you very much, is this also possible for the "documents" feature of Zimbra Desktop (not notes). I want to share binary files with other users.
    I couldn't right klick on the tab bar.

  2. ZD- Document/Contact Share with other Zimbra Users


    we are using the Community Edition of Zimbra, connecting via Zimbra Desktop. Very nice product indeed ;)

    Nevertheless, i'm searching for a feature but I cant find out how to make it.
  3. W00t! Failure found.. Two Issues: a)...

    W00t! Failure found..

    Two Issues:

    a) selinux was enabled
    b) /etc/resolv.conf had incorrect permissions (user postfix couldn't read them)

    thx for the help

  4. [SOLVED] Problems with DNS (on CentOS5 and Zimbra5 RC2)

    Hello @all,

    i have installed zimbra on a xen virtual machine, using debian etch for dom0 and centos5 for domX. Everything fine, except the main feature -> I can't send or receive mails.
    First of...
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