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    error smtp outlook

    Good morning everybody, I'm having problems with SMTP authentication in Outlook. Follows the log zimbra.log below:

    Feb 17 10:14:13 mail postfix/smtpd[30272]: warning: hostname...
  2. Where can I disable this protocol in the web...

    Where can I disable this protocol in the web interface, you can help me?
  3. outlook does not send email outside the network

    hello i changed the port to 587 and did not work either, the server is configured to port 25. The outlook can receive mail but not send external network. See the log zimbra.log below:

    Feb 16...
  4. Does not authenticate to send mail from outlook outside the internal network

    Good afternoon everybody, I'm having trouble sending mail outside the company network from outlook. When configuring Outlook with the Zimbra server information, I can not authenticate, I can only...
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