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    Shared Contacts not syncing

    Hello All;

    Setup: Zimbra Network Edition 8.02 on SLES 11 SP2, Win 7 SP1 32bit, Outlook 2010, Zimbra Outlook Connector 8.02

    User setup: All users sync the mail and their personal contacts.
  2. I found the problem. Fixed. Logged into the...

    I found the problem. Fixed.

    Logged into the web client, under Preferences, Mail, Account, Primary Account Settings. There is a setting for 'Meswsages sent from this account have the following...
  3. rename user not reflected in connector or sent mail

    Hello All;

    I have renamed a user in the ZAC. I can login as the user with the Weblogin. all looks good, the new name is displayed. However if I send an e-mail, then the recipient displayes the...
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    Zimbra mta binds to all IP address it finds in...

    Zimbra mta binds to all IP address it finds in the server. No way to change this. A lot of people have asked for this option since v5 days (maybe earlier). Zimbra support and docs suggests to...
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    Upgrade & License question

    Hello Sales;

    I'm using the form since Sales does not answer the phone, e-mails or the 'Contact Sales' form.

    My client purchased the "Zimbra Starter Edition for 15 Professional Mailbox pack...
  6. change pop to use full e-mail address

    Hello All;

    OK I've setup Zimbra 7.13 on a SLES 11 SP1 server and have allowed pop to be used.

    However pop will only allow the user to login to the account with just the username (ie: bob). How...
  7. Outlook 2010 olmapi32.dll error on second PC

    Hello All;

    I have two computers (PC1 & PC2) (same user) both running Win 7 SP1, Office 2010 SP1 and Zimbra Outlook connector 7.13. The Zimbra data files are stored on the users home network drive...
  8. 7.1 bind to single IP, box has Multiple IP

    Hello All;

    This was asked before in the forums. no proper answer found.

    I have V7.1 Network Edition on SLES 11 SP1. Multiple IP addresses on the 1 NIC

    Zimbra binds to all the IP addresses,...
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