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  1. I guess there is no interest in this tread.....

    I guess there is no interest in this tread.....
  2. Moving from behind NAT Router to /29 network with Static IP's

    I recently moved from a 32bit to 64bit RHEL 6.x server and Zimbra 7.x Network version - also 64bit. The whole migration went fine and worked well from behind my NAT router.

    I decided to move out...
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    Backup to Network Attached Storage


    I have been searching this forum for a discussion of how to backup OpenSource version 7.X to a NAS drive on my network?

    Many scripts are available for earlier versions that backup to the...
  4. I guess no one cares about this one?, or has a...

    I guess no one cares about this one?, or has a clue on how to do it?
  5. sync "category" attribute from external openldap w/ GAL


    I have an external openldap server (w/ default setup) it uses the same std (core.schema
    cosine.schema, inetorgperson.schema) schema available as in my Zimbra ldap - except for the Zimbra...
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    Bill, The person who got the log in prompt...


    The person who got the log in prompt flashed on his screen is using Thunderbird as a mail client.

    Yes, there is one inline jpg photo used in my signature of a "green belt" my six sigma...
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    Distribution List - BUG?

    Today I sent out a blast using a distribution on open source version
    Version 6.0.10_GA_2692.FOSS Dec 15, 2010.

    The list is marked allowing it to "receive mail". When someone responded to my mail...
  8. Gal auth. using datasource from external Ldap

    Hello admins,

    I am trying to get Zimbra to look into my openldap server for data. This worked before until I added a Network Solutions cert to the external ldap (using Softerra's management...
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    Tried Anonymous Relay Test...

    Tried Anonymous Relay Test

    Passed the test.... :-)

    Thanks phoenix
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    In the past I have used DynDNS mail hop to get...

    In the past I have used DynDNS mail hop to get around AT&T port 25 block and used 2525 to route mail through thier service. Inexpensive solution to *%&! ISP's.

    Today I have a AT&T business dsl...
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    [SOLVED] FWD via SMTP:

    Hello Admins, I am seeing a lot of this in my mail log lately and do not see the message bounced, blocked, or passed spammy results.

    How do I determine if these are coming in under the...
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    Thanks Dirk, Your right! The web application...

    Thanks Dirk,

    Your right! The web application should be doing this for me. I've been frustrated by the lack of reporting from our site and thought I'd just do it myself - directly from my mail...
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    Pulling Information from Email for Reports.

    Hi All,

    I am the chairman of a professional group at NCPMI and our website allows members to register for meetings. The web engine sends me conformations (copied) to me but I can not export data...
  14. Network Solutions Certs - Up and Running

    All - Just as they say "keep it simple".

    After all the coffee and eyestrain here's my solution:

    1. Use the Zimbra Admin Web UI to generate your certificate request (CSR) and Download it.

  15. The command fails

    Really not sure what this is going to accomplish? I tried my Mail1.xxxx.crt at the end of he string and also added the file location /root/certs/Mail1.xxxx.crt with and without the leading ./
  16. Yes. here what came back just a min ago -...

    Yes. here what came back just a min ago - [root@mail1 ~]# /opt/zimbra/java/bin/keytool -import -alias new -keystore /opt/zimbra/java/jre/lib/security/cacerts -storepass changeit -file...
  17. Network Solutions Certs Verify and Install - Now Zimbra will not start - Need help!

    I am back.....Network Solutions sent me some new certificates and I started back from where I left off. I Tried the usual steps posted here and gave up. I said, Hmmmm lets retry the Admin Web UI? ...
  18. Well... after all this messing around... I got...

    Well... after all this messing around... I got tired of the certificate issues and asked Network Solutions to reissue mine.

    I will start back at this when they arrive.... tune in later... to be...
  19. Ok... After discovering that my commercial.crt...

    Ok... After discovering that my commercial.crt also need a CR at the end of the file so the deploy command can properly append the commercial_ca.crt - I reran the verify and deploy commands. Looks...
  20. Finding some answers and experimenting.


    Found some answers that helped.
    So far the CAT of certs >> commercial_CA.crt worked out with lines added to certs 1 & 2.
    After running the verify on comm certs got the messages I needed...
  21. No Responses

    Hello out there...I guess I am alone on this responses from anyone?

    -- It is disappointing that this software is so difficult to work with on such important matters such as security....
  22. [SOLVED] Network Solutions Certs - certs do not verify

    Folks, I tried to install my Network Solutions Certs with mixed results.


    I rechecked the certs and ran into this error:
    ** Verifying...
  23. Zimbra Sending Mail to Itself - Exceeding Mail limits at DynDNS


    Zimbra is sending mail outside my network to itself and causing my system to exceed DynDNS's limits for sending mail / per day. I do not know what is generating this mail and it is...
  24. Trouble with Web Client Access - Problem Resolved :-)


    1. My failure to access my Zimbra mail server from outside my lan was due to a miss understanding on how to test access from public hotspots.
    2. Be sure that Postfix is listening...
  25. Bill, I did some more research and found this -...

    Bill, I did some more research and found this - boy my telnet skills are rusty.

    "Port 443 is typically HTTPS, so plain telnet will not work on it - all communications over it are encrypted using...
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