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  1. Zimbra desktop not syncing shared calendar

    I have four users with a shared calendar, three of them use zimbra desktop and one uses the web ui. users A,B,and C use zimbra desktop and user D uses the web ui.This shared calendar has worked...
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    We are already on 7.1.2, sorry should have been a...

    We are already on 7.1.2, sorry should have been a little more clear in explaining what version we're on. when i monitor it it seems that the zdesktop.exe and zdclient.exe take up a fair amount of cpu...
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    Performance issues with Zimbra desktop

    Our company upgraded to Zimbra open source edition and for the most part it has worked very well. The only issue i've had is that users with lower spec desktops are having problems running Zimbra...
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    i'm the friend

    let me clarify a bit here about what's going on. The Zimbra xmpp server in the web page works just fine, no problems. The trouble comes in only when authenticating accounts with an external client....
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